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Customers trust Portsmouth Business System (PBsys) to supply and instal Philips Digital Dictation Systems:
Digital Dictation dealers - experience of over 30 years in the UK, supplying nationwide. Suppliers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software. Dictation systems solicitors, surveyors, doctors, authors, consultants, police, professors, financiers and more.Transcription systems for hospitals, colleges, universities, medical centres, banks, financial planners, and more. Help finding the cheapest dictaphones and transcription. Digital voice recorders supplied for many different uses including dicating and interviewing. Speak to us about finding the best deals.Installation for Philips Dictation Sytems. Digital dictaphones and software specialists.
Pc's, Servers, Laptops

Install, Repair, Maintain

* INSTALLATION (on-site )
* REPAIRS (on-site & Workshop )
* MAINTENANCE (on-site )
* LEADING BRANDS eg. HP , Acer , Fujitsu
Repair, Maintain , Service

* MAINTAIN (on-site , remote)
* REPAIR (on-site & Workshop , remote )
* SERVICE (on-site )
* PROTECT (anti-virus, desktop & cloud )
Computer Support, Networking,
Server systems, Software etc

Computers and Servers

PC's & Servers

Networks, Servers, Desktops etc
We cater to the small to medium size business.
From the single user to 100 user systems.
Advice, Design, Installation, Purchase, Additions, we are here to help either on-site or remotely.
We provide a complete service for your business
Pbsys setup and install on your premises, we plan and implement all aspects of your system leaving you free to run your business.
Any work can be done out of hours or weekends to minimise disruption
Modern businesses require robust computer systems that are able to handle multiple types of operations from speadsheets to complex documents. Many applications require more and more power to work efficiently so as to keep the system running smoothly, especially when multiple pages from Cloud and web pages along with management systems are open  at the same time.

Computers & Laptops

PC Support for Office, Factory or Home

Why have the hassle of disconnecting your PC and driving around looking for PC repair shops, Then waiting a week or two for the repair to be completed.
We offer a full onsite and remote IT support service and can visit you in your office or home. We will attend your premises and try to repair your PC or printer etc. In many cases there is no need to take away your equipment for repair and repairs can be completed quickly and at a reasonable cost.
In some circumstances it may be cheaper to take away your PC or laptop for repair for instance if its a time consuming repair or the repair type may require a controlled environment. In this case we can take away your PC or Laptop and complete all the repairs. Once completed we will then return it to you and set it all back up for you. This service and the repair will be completed within 1-3 days on average.
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