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Customers trust Portsmouth Business System (PBsys) to supply and instal Philips Digital Dictation Systems:
Digital Dictation dealers - experience of over 30 years in the UK, supplying nationwide.Suppliers of Dragon NaturallySpeaking speech recognition software.Dictation systems solicitors, surveyors, doctors, authors, consultants, police, professors, financiers and more.Transcription systems for hospitals, colleges, universities, medical centres, banks, financial planners, and more. Help finding the cheapest dictaphones and transcription: Digital voice recorders supplied for many different uses including dicating and interviewing. Speak to us about finding the best deals.Installation for Philips Dictation Sytems. Digital dictaphones and software specialists.
Portsmouth Business Systems(PBsys) have been actively Advising, Maintaining, Servicing and Repairing Customer’s Equipment for over 30 years.

We deal with clients Networks, E-Mail, Desktops and Servers, Dictation Equipment, Phone Lines, Broadband - Fibre and ADSL, IP-Phones and Routers, Printers large and small format, Photo Copiers, etc. Our Clients range from Solicitors to Estate Agents and Surveyors to Engineering Works.

Digital Dictation, Cloud Dictation, Mobile Apps, Repair & Service

Being a Philips Master Digital Centre, we offer a full range of services from installation to repair of new and existing Digital or Analogue machines. On-site or remote setup for desktop, mobile or cloud dictation. We also  supply a full range of accessories.
Computer Systems, Maintenance, ADSL & Fibre, VOIP Phone Systems, Service, Sales & Repairs

We  offer a full range of services from installation to repairs on new and existing networks. With Portsmouth Business Systems helpful  assistance, along with on-site or remote setup for desktop, mobile or cloud computing you will be ready to
go, often on a same day turnaround.
Over 30 years Experience Selling and Repairing
Dictation Equipment in the South of England
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