Over 30 years Experience Selling and Repairing
Dictation Equipment in the South of England
Speech Exec Pro
With Dragon voice recognition
Use the power of your voice
with professional speech recognition

SpeechExec Pro dictation and speech recognition software links authors and typists, facilitating communication, the setup of individual workflow settings and organizational flexibility. Both sides can work more efficiently and get more done in less time. The solution includes an integrated version of Nuance Professional speech recognition software, for extremely accurate results.
Speech Exec

Use the power of your voice
with professional digital dictation

SpeechExec Pro dictation and transcription software links authors and
transcriptionists. It facilitates communication, the setup of individual workflowsettings and organizational flexibility to help save time and resources. Authors can record directly into the software using a dictation microphone and transcriptionists can playback and conveniently transcribe these files using a foot control.
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